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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving into moving image

Still of "Falling" 2011

In March I exhibited my first video art work that I created in collaboration with the genius sound artist, and my close friend, Charlotte Rose. It's called "Falling" and it got the following review by Mark Amery in the Dominion Post while is was up at Mark Hutchins Gallery in Wellington.

"One by one different mouths reach into black space from the right hand side of the frame. The action is hopeful and expectant, a smile playing on saliva wet lips. This is intercut with a flash to their mouth in deep kissing action with another. This work rather effectively plays with the beautiful tension between thought and action."

It was such an exciting process to work with Charlotte Rose who enhanced the tension, anticipation and visceral elements of the work. She and I are part of a new media arts group called Sense Collective and we are creating our first video installation work called MOVE. Sense Collective is 5 arts practitioners working collaboratively with video, digital compositing, animation, motion graphics, choreography, dance and multi track soundscape to create unique sensory installations.

The video will follow a visually poetic narrative of a personal quest, centered around the notion that human beings can no longer afford to ignore their inextricable connection to, and dependence on, the planet’s wellbeing.

It's due to have it's first installation early next year. More details to follow.

My exhibition "Dying to Know" is due to show in China, Pingyao International Photography Festival in September 2011. It's part of a group show with six New Zealand photographers called "Moments and Eternity" curated by John Turner.